Many people are put off further education because they are worried about the cost. The average student debt is rising, and as tuition fees reach astronomical levels the cost of living continues to soar. While it is true that it might be very difficult to graduate with no debts at all, it is possible, and if not, at least you can keep them as low as possible. Here are some great tips to help you start your life as a graduate in the best financial situation possible.

Check Your Entitlements

Are you eligible for any grants or bursaries? These are the first things you should check before you consider applying for a student loan, as you don’t have to pay them back. Many people assume that if they are studying for an online degree, perhaps an online masters in political science or political management, they cannot receive any financial help. This is not the case, so it is still worth applying for anything you can.


Apply for Scholarships

There are probably a lot more scholarships than you think. Look into any that you may be able to apply for. It might seem like a lot of work, applying for all of these different things, but it can save you a huge amount of money if any of your applications are accepted.


Saving isn’t easy when you have tuition fees to pay on top of everything else. But, you will be amazed at how much difference even small amounts can make. If you struggle to save money, consider using an app to help.

Make Some Cut Backs

Food is the best place to start making cut backs, as it is probably one of your biggest expenses. It’s so easy to save money on your weekly food shop; it just takes a little time. Make a weekly meal plan and write shopping lists. Buy cheaper options. Then cook meals in large batches, and freeze any leftovers.

Next, look at your utilities. Don’t just accept the first deal that comes along. Shop around and use online comparison sites.

Lastly, look at your other outgoings. Can you cancel anything, such as a gym membership perhaps? Or reduce your phone contract? Budgeting, and looking at what you spend, can save you a lot of money.


Make Money Online

Once you’ve looked at saving money, look at how you can make some. The internet offers you many opportunities. Some of the best include:

Some of these might just make you a little extra cash, while others can lead to a full-time income. Look at any talents or hobbies you have and find ways to make money from them.

Don’t let the costs put you off furthering your education. Just make sure it’s worth it. Graduating from a course like an online masters in political science can lead to high paying jobs in the future. Just make sure you don’t spend your working life paying for your degree.