When it comes to launching a new business venture or taking a sole trading enterprise onto the next level, securing an office space remains one of the most important considerations.


Not only must this task be completed within your financial means, for example, but it is also crucial that you develop a space that is viable and capable of optimising employee productivity.


In this post, we will discuss some of the key considerations and the best practice when establishing the ideal office space for your venture.


  1.                   Identify the Most Viable Space Within Your Budget


We must start with your budget, as this will ultimately determine what type of office space you secure. Once you have determined how much you can afford in terms of a monthly lease and any affiliated overheads, you can begin to compare the market within a realistic and affordable range.


It is also important to calculate how securing business premises will impact on your longer-term budget, as traditional commercial leases run for decades.


If you are in the market for a short-term or rolling lease, you should instead consider shared or serviced office space. Service providers like Devono can help you to secure such arrangements, minimising your long-term financial commitment and potentially reducing your overheads over a sustained period of time.


  1.                   Create a Connected and Collaborative Space


It is also important that you create a collaborative office space, so selecting a location that offers an open plan layout is an excellent place to start. You should also ensure that your location benefits from a reliable and powerful Internet connection, and one that can be secured for an affordable fee each month.


While securing the best broadband deal can help you to effectively manage your operational costs, you should also strive to embrace the principles of BYOD (Bring-your-own-device) within your office.


This not only transfers the costs associated with buying and operating hardware to your employees, but it also drivers a greater sense of flexibility and collaboration both in and out of the office!


  1.                   Introduce Plants and Greenery to Your Office


When decorating your office space, you may want to consider placing a significant number of plants around the interior. This is known to deliver a number of health advantages to your employees, while studies also suggest that they can increase levels of productivity and focus within your departments.


One such study revealed that the presence of plants and greenery in a commercial space increased each employees levels of concentration, awareness and memory attention on average, leading to an improved performance that adds considerable value.


Plants also help individuals to engage more effectively with their surroundings, triggering an impressive 15% in productivity across the board.