Do you dream of building your dream home but don’t know where the best place to begin is? With a little forward planning and thorough research, you could soon be creating a beautiful property you’ll be proud to call your own. Read our helpful advice on how to build your dream home.

Find the Perfect Plot

The first thing you must do is find the perfect plot of land to build your property. The more scenic the better, as it will provide your home with a beautiful view – and it will also add significant value to your property. You’ll also need to buy and register the land before you can begin with any building work.

Establish a Budget

The design and quality of your dream property will be determined by your budget. You must therefore establish a realistic budget to ensure you have the finances to make your dream home a reality. Discuss your budget with an architect, who could put forward three or four proposals to suit your taste and budget.

It’s also advisable to consult a quantity surveyor during the planning stage, who can quantify an architect’s drawings to include more detail. This will allow you to make an informed decision before you make any financial commitments to a project.

Pick the Best Professionals

Once you’ve discovered the best plot for your property, the next step will be to pick the best professionals to create your project. In addition to finding a talented architect to draft a design of your home, you’ll also need to easily find a builder to get started on building your property. You’ll also need to work alongside a quantity surveyor and interior designer.

Apply for Planning Permission

Once you’ve established your budget and found the top professionals, you must apply for planning permission. Be as honest as possible with planners to prevent any construction problems down the road. Until the planning application has been submitted and approved, you cannot embark on any construction work.

Adhere to Building Regulations

It’s not only planning permission that you have to consider before you begin. It’s vital that all self-build projects comply with building regulations, which will be determined by your local authority. The regulations will determine the property design, materials and the quality of the workmanship. What’s more, it will also include health and safety, accessibility and energy conservation. Discuss building regulations with an architect who can provide informative advice on permissions.

Prep the Plot

Before a contractor gets to work, it’s essential to prepare the plot. For instance, you must consider your home’s utilities, such as gas, electricity, water and drainage. Liaise with various utility companies to organize the facilities prior to construction. It’s also important to request a soil test to ensure it isn’t contaminated.

Have you planning on building your dream property? Do you have any top tips for a custom-build? Please feel free to share your tips and advice by writing a comment below.