When looking for a safe investment, most people would automatically think of gold bullion, which is the very foundation of the global wealth system, while diamonds are another commodity of a very high value. In this article, we offer you some basic information on both gold and diamond investment.

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Gold Bullion

Gold has long been a traditional haven for investors as a hedge against inflation and when the US dollar is volatile, many investors turn their investment portfolio into gold. This alluring yellow metal can be purchased in many forms and there are varying levels of purity, namely 9,14,18 and 24 karats, which is the purest. Gold can be purchased in coin form – the American Eagle and American Buffalo, both of which weigh one ounce, and are just a couple of tradeable gold coins in circulation today.  Gold bars start at 10g and go right up to 1kg, so there will be a size that suits you.

Investing In Diamonds

Diamonds are expensive due to their rarity and stones are assessed using the 4Cs: colour, cut, clarity and carat, which is the weight. If you are going to invest in diamonds, you might as well have the stones put into a custom piece of jewellery, then you have the pleasure of wearing them. Of course, the stones each have a GIA Certificate that details its properties and diamonds do increase in value over time. There are pink diamonds for sale online, and you can get them from a reputable custom jeweller. If you are planning to buy diamonds purely as an investment, then you need to aim high and look to acquire stunning stones with fancy properties, as these are extremely rare and are therefore, highly sought after.

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Buying Loose Diamonds

Of course, you could purchase a bag of loose stones for a specific price and sit on them for a decade, which would certainly give you a return. Diamonds have a market value and the introduction of new stones is strictly regulated, so there won’t be any sudden movement in the diamond market and should you wish to know how much they are worth, take them to the jeweller, who would be happy to appraise the diamonds.

Gold & Diamonds

If you collect gold jewellery that is adorned with diamonds, you have both investments in a single piece. Many investors include both gold and diamonds in their portfolio, although gold is the more popular of the two, as gold is very easy to liquidate. Some people accumulate jewellery as fashion accessories, knowing that the gold and diamond value will be a form of security in their retirement years.

We can all invest in diamonds by commissioning a piece of jewellery to add to our growing collection of fine jewellery, and you can sit down with the jeweller and discuss the many design options. The metal, the precious stones and setting are all essential aspects of jewellery design and the jeweller walks you through each step of the process.

Gold should be purchased from a gold bullion dealer and if you would like to acquire loose diamonds, the custom jeweller is the person to contact.