With just a few months left of 2016, you may have run out of fun things to do and be stuck in a rut. This is easy to do, and you’ll find that many people are working long hours and find themselves getting bored easily, wasting their free time and then wondering what they can do to get out of this rut.

Here are some fun ways to spend your time this year:

Get Fit

If you’re hoping to look hot for the holiday season, now is the perfect time to start working on your health and fitness. Consider a few different ways you can overhaul your eating habits and finally tone up your body so you can ensure that you fit into your clothes and feel comfortable by the time Christmas and New Years rolls around.

If you find that you’re constantly eating out because you feel too tired to cook after working all day, a great option is to use Sunday to do all of your meal prep. That means going shopping on Saturday or Sunday and then using Sunday afternoon to cook all your food for the week. This may not sound fun, but when you have healthy and delicious food waiting for you on your lunch break and when you finish work, you’ll feel great, have better concentration, spend less time snacking and watch the weight melt off your body.

Getting your eating under control is the biggest step and will give you the best results, however combining this with exercise will ensure you lose weight quicker and tone your muscles which will help you fit your clothes and feel great.

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Get a Side Hustle

If you have free time, you may as well use it to make money, and you could even find that your side hustle becomes your full-time job with a little work. A few different ways you can earn money on the side include freelancing (writing, design, consulting etc), making a product or service to sell, developing websites, running an online community, teaching English online, betting on sports or online gambling.

If you’re the type who likes to play games online, check out Guts casino with casino games for all UK players. You can earn money while playing games on the couch at home, and can then use that money to make more money by investing it, playing more, or using it to start a business.

Focus on Being Social

We all get busy, and before we know it we haven’t seen close friends for a year. By that time, getting in contact can seem awkward, and friendships slowly begin to float away. If you know you’re the type who doesn’t hang out with friends as much as they should, it’s time to change that for the rest of the year.

Even if you’re an introvert, it’s important to note that you can still be social without needing to go out to parties (if that’s not your thing). Invite a couple of close friends over for dinner and a bad movie, meet your bestie one-on-one (try to have a standing date that you both pencil into your calendars so you can both commit to making sure life doesn’t get in the way), or have a friend that you exercise with.

 If you find that you haven’t got many close friends, you’re never too old to make them. Consider joining a group related to your hobby- whether it’s running, sewing, travelling, or cooking. There are often weekly meetups and activities with these groups, so you’ll be sure to find a few people you click with that you’d like to hang out with on the weekends.