When it comes to running an efficient and watertight business, you need to do a spot of spring cleaning occasionally. I’m not talking about getting out the mop and bucket, although a spot of literal cleaning is always good from time to time; I’m talking about streamlining your business and tidying everything up in order to be organised, efficient, and basically to be able to find everywhere where you last left it.

You might think this would have no bearing on the success of your business, but you should never underestimate the power of being clean and tidy when it comes to time management and effectiveness. Time in business is money!


De-clutter and organise

Shelving is always the best bet to store anything you need to keep a hold of. You don’t want box files cluttering up desks, or product catalogues lying around where you don’t need them to be gathering dust. Organise some shelving – I personally like Slingsby – and then store the things you don’t need all the time on them, so they’re there when you need them, but they’re out of the way when you don’t. Simple, yet effective.

Store as much on computer as possible, but back it up

Virtual storage is a tidy business’ dream, and provided you take precautions and make sure you back everything up regularly, there’s no reason why you can’t take advantage of storing all your important documents and records in cyberspace. You could make use of a website like Dropbox, store everything in a virtual cloud, or you could simply save everything to memory sticks and keep them safe in a locked box. However you decide to store your virtual data, remember one golden rule – back it right up!


Don’t hoard

There are certain records a company needs to keep by law, such as anything related to tax and audits etc, but there are also other records and pieces of paper which a company certainly doesn’t need to keep, and which many tend to hoard in box files for years and years. Be strict with what you keep, have a clear out on a six monthly or yearly basis, and shred everything that isn’t pertinent to the here and now. Again, you could store this virtually rather than actually paper-based in some cases.

Clean up your social media too

Your company website is one of the most important marketing tools you have, as well as your Facebook page, and Twitter feed etc. Give the same attention to clearing up here as you would do in the physical sense of your office or work space, and make sure everything on there is up to date and accurate.

Spring clean your business and watch life become much easier as a result!