Heading off to university is an exciting time in life, when you can finally embrace independence, study for that all-important degree, enjoy a varied social life and basically look forward to the next chapter in your life.

Now, this is all very well and good, but money does not grow on trees, and if you’re not already up to your eyes in a student loan, then finding ways to cut costs here and there is definitely needed to enable you to get through your student days without seriously being on the bread line. You probably won’t want to ask your parents for help all the time, this being an independent thing and all, so if you’re looking for inspiration on how to save here and there, check out these five tips.


Student accommodation is the way forward

You can forget the idea that student accommodation is about dormitory rooms and no privacy, because these days standard university accommodation is comfortable, private, and functional, and you can dress your room up to how you want it, within reason, making it a home. The other perk of this is that student accommodation is usually on campus, or not very far away from it, with transport sometimes laid on as standard. This means you’re not going to be spending money on expensive rent, because student accommodation will always be cheaper. If you’re thinking of studying in Newcastle, why not look for rooms to rent in Newcastle with Walton Robinson  (Rooms to rent in Newcastle )

Pool your resources with other students

If you’re living with other students then it’s time to get handy in the kitchen and share your resources. Cooking together means you save money because you’re splitting the cost between you, and if you’re clever with what you buy, e.g. avoiding huge brand names and sticking to budget names instead, and avoiding impulse buys. You could set up a regular shopping order online, so you don’t get tempted to waste money on things you don’t really need.


Make use of voucher apps and drinks offers

There’s an app for almost everything these days, and that includes money off vouchers on meals out and days out too. If you can find one of these for something you fancy doing, then take advantage of it and save cash. You can also drink in the student bar rather than city centre bars, because these will always be cheaper, drink at home before you go out, or go somewhere that does offers, such as buy one get one free etc. It’s about being a little clever when it comes to enjoying a social life as a student.

Go for second hand books, you don’t always need new

If you buy brand new text books then generally you’re only going to either throw them away at the end of it all, or sell them on. Instead of the expensive first cost, go for second hand instead. You can often find second hand text books on eBay or Amazon, and your university might even have a second hand book shop from previous students.

Make use of your student union card

Join the student union and you will probably get money off offers on everything from shopping, meals, days out, to transport, and if you can make use of this then its money saved instantly. If you can get a bus or rail pass as part of your student deal, then do it, because transport costs when traveling back home, or simply around your city, do mount up over time.