With new platforms offering the ability to browse and order restaurant-standard food to the comfort of our own homes, it is clear the takeaway industry has experienced a huge makeover in recent years. As much as we’ve enjoyed having this option (it’s certainly made hangovers a lot easier), people are still heading out to restaurants more than ever. Granted, many of us are guilty of turning down a sit-down meal because we ‘can’t justify spending as much money as we do eating out’, only to sit on the sofa and spend the same amount on a takeaway!

We look at the benefits of eating out; the fact that it doesn’t have to be as expensive as we think it will be and the positive social aspect of going for a meal with friends and family. We will also compare the costs of eating out to ordering in. Often, eating out isn’t more expensive at all. 

Special Requirements

Are you vegan or vegetarian and concerned that eating out is going to restrict your options? You’re probably not looking in the right places. Restaurants are offering more diverse options of food now more than ever, to accompany the shifting changes in consumer demands. No longer can restaurants cope with offering only meat options, people are expecting more. Check out this list of restaurants in the UK with vegan options.


Higher Cost

Getting a takeaway can set you back 67 per cent more than eating out at the same restaurant. Restaurants are earning back what they paid in commission to takeaway platforms by their menus having higher prices online than in the restaurant — Byron Burger’s signature 6oz burger costs £9.50 in the restaurant but is £10.50 online. This on top of £3 delivery costs can rack the prices up if you’re feeding a family of four. Might as well save money and go ahead and eat out!


Eating out every night is obviously no cheap feat. However, we all deserve to indulge every now and again. Working or studying, getting home, cooking, washing up, then going straight to bed can prove to be uneventful nights, ruined by monotony. Break up your week and treat yourself to a restaurant meal, it doesn’t have to be expensive (unless if you really want it to be).

Save your eating out for a particular night where you know restaurants have deals or discounts. Look out for deals such as a ‘free bottle of wine’, ‘2-for-1’ pizzas or ‘50% off’ your food bill. Some deals are time-sensitive, so signing up to discount apps can help keep you up to date with the restaurant goings-on in your area. There’re plenty of discounts across the country and Manchester Restaurant Deals to keep your eyes peeled for!

Certain restaurants that let you bring your own booze (BYOB), If you aren’t already aware, as they weren’t able to get an alcohol license — why save money on pricey drinks lists and bring your own from the nearest corner shop! Make sure you check out corkage fees though, as each establishment has different rules on how much you can bring and how much you’ll be charged.

If you need water order tap water — it’s free! If you get given a bottle of water, send it back. You don’t need to be splashing extra money on something you can get for free.


The restaurant industry in the UK reached consumer expenditure of £92 billion in 2018, with over 88,000 eateries. That’s an awful lot of choice to spend some quality time with your loved ones. Yes, you could order a takeaway, but why don’t you get out of the house and try somewhere new?

Leave your phone and eat a professionally cooked meal in an atmosphere of choosing with your nearest and dearest. Reconnect with your family and friends and catch up while someone waits on you and brings you your food. As restaurants offer an eating experience, you’re much more likely to remember a meal out rather than a takeaway night in that blends in with the rest of forgettable evenings in the house.

Why is this even up for debate? You don’t have to wash up afterwards either!

So, there we have some reasons why you should be taking part in the ‘Eat-Out Revolution’! Sharpen your forks, prepare your napkins, and head out to make some food memories.