Thirty years ago, the market was dominated by wealth. The biggest companies in the world got to be that way by having the fattest budgets and the broadest profit margins. Traditionally, it has always been difficult for smaller businesses to compete, particularly when their rivals have unlimited resources. However, things are changing. The business world is evolving.

Now, with the right technology, you can do anything. So, it is less about flashing the cash and more about standing out from the crowd. In the information age, winning is not synonymous with being bigger or richer. To be a success, you need to be clever. Increasingly, the most dramatic impact is coming from smaller operations with boundless creativity.

This guide to the importance of innovation and creativity will help you formulate a management plan which brings out the best in your business.

Pick a Flexible Office

Location really is everything for a young company. You need to be at the centre of all the action, but you also want to be sure that there is room for growth too. This is why serviced and virtual office solutions are so popular with small teams. Click the website link to take a look at some of the facilities in central Hong Kong. If you go service, you can up or downgrade your suite at any time. It means that you’ll never be stuck with unsuitable terms. So, your office environment has to be efficient, fully equipped with ergonomic furnishings such as wanting to find the best chair for your office and other items, and highly accessible.

Consider All the Options

True creativity comes with a curious mind and the bravery to try new things. It is difficult to take risks as a small business owner because the stakes are high, but you don’t have to fear change. Studies have shown that far from harming productivity levels, allowing employees more freedom improves performance. Embracing remote teams, virtual workers, and unconventional methods is one way to ensure that everybody gets to function within the conditions which work best for them.

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Make Creativity a Priority

If you want to foster an atmosphere of confidence and trust, it’s important to reduce the number of everyday challenges which employees face. In other words, the fewer practical and technical distractions they have, the more time there will be for free thinking. So, your office environment has to be efficient, fully equipped, and highly accessible. Serviced and virtual facilities are a great option because they come with a wide variety of ‘opt-in’ services like IT support, web development, content management, and administrative support.

Be a Visible Presence

Your employees are much more likely to feel confident and comfortable sharing their ideas if they know where their innovation is going. As the boss, you control and direct the company culture. If you want to encourage free-thinking, show them that you’re an ideas man (or woman) too. It is easy to underestimate the power of contact, but even something as simple as touring the office and chatting with employees sends a strong message of unity.

Use Feedback Wisely

The fastest way to know if your team feels motivated and inspired is to ask employees directly. You’ll be amazed at what you find out. Often, it is the smallest of changes that make the biggest impact. For instance, do you have a strong incentive and reward policy in place to celebrate outstanding performance? Is your workforce happy with the office that you’ve chosen or would they pick a different location? Do they feel like they have all the right tools?

Why 2017 Is a Good Time to Go Virtual

The common misconception about virtual offices is that they force a choice between traditional modes of working and super flexible, unstructured operations. If you already have a good office, you don’t have to cut ties and work exclusively from shared spaces. The beauty of virtual suites is that they can be shaped to fit all needs. You could ‘drop in’ to co-working spaces while networking around Hong Kong or use them to check in with remote teams.