I know there’s a big movement at the moment of picking up a side hustle: an extra bit of income to add to your normal salary, or to help out while you’re studying at university. I personally love having a side hustle – this blog is my own side hustle and it allows me to earn a little bit of extra money each month to put towards travel, savings and other financial goals I have. Some people end up turning their side hustles into their full time salary which is just amazing. But for many side hustles remain something they do on the side to help with financial commitments. Side hustles can be really fun as they’re just additional income sources, so here are my top 3 side hustles that you’ll actually enjoy.

1. Content Writing
There’s a huge demand for content writing now because so much information is going online. If you think about it, we use Google and the Internet for so many things related to information. If you have a college essay and you need to do some research, chances are you’re going to start off by searching online. If you’re planning a family holiday and need some travel inspiration, then you’re also probably going to look to the Internet to find out more about your destination. The volume of content online is mind blowing and it just keeps growing, making content writing a wonderful side hustle opportunity. I used to do a lot of freelance writing on websites like Upwork.com and found it a great way to add to my income. If you’re in the market for some new content for your site, check out rexoriginals.com.

2. Tutoring
Tutoring can be a great way to make extra income and there are a few different roads you can go down. If you studied anything at a college level, then you can easily become a tutor for those subjects at your university or for a local high school. If you’re not interested in that route, then you can look to become an online English tutor. There are many countries around the world, such as China, that really value learning the English language. You can work directly with Chinese based English language schools or you can work for yourself independently on a website like iTalki – it’s really up to you. The great thing about tutoring is that you can choose your hours to fit around your lifestyle and other commitments. It’s also extremely satisfying helping someone learn a concept they have been struggling with for a while. Another benefit about tutoring is that you can choose to either work with students in person, or remotely, offering you even more flexibility.

3. Investing
There’s that saying “you’ve got to have money to make money” and I do believe there’s some truth to that. If you have some money you’re looking to invest as a side hustle, then getting into precious metals can be a great way to get started with investing. Unlike mutual funds or stocks which might feel quite abstract to you, precious metals are something you can physically hold and keep. Their value has been proven for hundreds of years, making them a secure investment. Check out Sprott Inc. buy silver bullion for more information on how to get started.

Side hustles can be fun and also a way to get a little extra income stream into your life. I hope these help you get started thinking about what would work best for you.