Astrology may not be an exact science, but neither is fashion. Just because we don’t fully believe our weekly horoscopes doesn’t stop us from reading them religiously and remembering exactly what was true. That’s why we compiled this guide to clothing trends based on the zodiac. With any luck, the stars will guide you to your perfect style — or at least a new outfit or two.


One of the most creative signs, Aries boasts fashion-forward looks that tend to set trends. Usually, Aries claims a signature style different from the crowd. Aries always gravitates toward classic silhouettes with a new and eye-catching element, like a bright color or bold pattern, but form-fitting clothes and short hemlines aren’t common pieces in the ram’s wardrobe.



Comfort is key for Taurus, who is always looking to wear cozy jeans, sneakers, and sweatshirts. The bull is notorious for a casual-cool look, even when an occasion calls for formal glamour. However, some Taurus are able to glam up this style with more chic versions of typical comfortable clothing items; for example, grimy sneakers can be replaced with relaxed, fashionable footwear.


Unlike other signs, who usually stick to a singular style, Gemini has a wardrobe that is jam-packed with variety. Gemini’s first and foremost concern while shopping is finding pieces that are easily recycled into hundreds of other looks. For this reason, Gemini tends to collect accessories, including bags, shoes, and jewelry, that work just as well with slouchy jeans as they do with a sheath dress and stilettos.



The crab isn’t daring in her style, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t stylish. Cancer adores classic silhouettes, like elegant dresses and structured pants, as well as neutral colors like gray, black, brown, and khaki. Most of Cancer’s wardrobe is composed of staples, like a trench coat, a little black dress, and simple black pumps.


The most magnificent sign of the zodiac, Leo obviously boasts an outrageous sense of style. Because Leo are unendingly confident, they can pull off the ostentatious pieces that other signs avoid. Clothing that is bright, loud, and daring — basically, anything that will catch onlookers’ eyes and place Leo at the center of attention — is common in a Leo’s closet.



A practical sign, Virgo enjoys clothing for its function rather than its style, but this brutal fashion mentality tends to produce some outstanding outfits. Virgo is attracted to clothing that exudes maturity, though most ensembles also hint at some fun femininity with small touches of color or interesting cuts. Rather than classic or contemporary, Virgo opts for funky vintage clothing at thrift stores, consignment shops, and estate sales.


Libra is all about mixing and matching. Pulling elements from multiple styles — dainty feminine, edgy, classic, and more — with varied colors and textures, Libra can craft an eclectic look that few other signs can emulate successfully. Layering is a Libra’s best friend, as tough, chunky outerwear usually pairs well with lightweight shirts, skirts, and dresses.


Scorpio, much like its arachnid namesake, is perfectly streamlined on the outside. The scorpion’s fashion sense is incredibly focused; most Scorpios select a single style and stick to it for life. Typically, Scorpio opts for refined elegance, but tends to have a weakness for any killer shoe, from striking sneakers to killer heels.


A sign that isn’t afraid to be dainty, Sagittarius prefers to look quintessentially ladylike. Sagittarius’ wardrobe is filled with airy materials and feminine silhouettes. On shopping trips, Sagittarius ultimately ends up with armfuls of floaty dresses with delicate colors. However, some Sagittarians enjoy balancing their girlish outfits with wild accessories, like bold necklaces and interesting handbags.



Sophisticated is the word that best describes a Capricorn’s sense of style. Capricorns adore dressing up for any occasion, and their ability to twist classics into exciting contemporary outfits allows them to stand out wherever they go. However, this earth sign also pays close attention to clothes’ functionality and comfort; if an article of clothing isn’t easy, she doesn’t wear it.


Aquarius dresses to please Aquarius — and that’s all there is to it. Other signs often craft outfits to demonstrate their personalities or gain admiration from onlookers, but Aquarius buys clothing that makes her happy to wear. Usually, Aquarians gravitate toward colorful pieces with plenty of activity, and the fashion world’s trends aren’t even on their radar.


Some might label the fish’s style as “bohemian” or “hippie,” but in truth, Pisces simply prefers romantic pieces that appeal to her passion for life. Soft, flowing clothing that is effortlessly attractive and slightly sexy are common in Pisces’s closet. However, it is a struggle for Pisces to avoid amassing too much clothing that contrasts current trends, so on shopping trips, the fish must strive to find one or two form-fitting pieces to add freshness to her style.