For those living in wetter climates (or indeed anywhere prone to rainfall), a waterproof jacket is a basic wardrobe essential. From lightweight shells to walking jackets and heavy overcoats, a wide range of styles and many types of design are available for the fashion conscious.

But which jacket is right for you? It’s important to choose the one that fits your lifestyle the best, after all, a good waterproof is an investment! We’ve listed a few options for you, so whether you’re just dashing from the car to the office, waiting for your children at school, or exploring the great outdoors, you’ll stay snug, warm and dry at all times:


For Work

Chic overcoats made of canvas and treated with waterproof sealants are a great option for the working week. Though on the heavier side, they have clean lines and aren’t generally bulky, which means they’ll keep you looking smart (and dry) when you head into the office.

For Play

For those looking to explore the great outdoors this winter, walking jackets are a nice intermediate option between the heavy overcoats and ultra-light shells you can buy. As the cold and damp weather sets in, many people abandon any thought of outdoor activity for the warmth of home or the gym, but why let a spot of rain spoil your choices? Most modern walking jackets are waterproof and made with breathable fabrics that allow for sweat to wick, keeping you comfortable whether you are hiking mountains or strolling through parks.


For Keeping Fit

Keeping fit is of course the biggest advantage to investing in a waterproof, but you don’t have to hit the mountain trails to stay active. If you want to remain closer to home, head for the public footpaths and byways that criss-cross our beautiful countryside. Walking is a fantastic way to stay fit and healthy. It’s also a great way for families to enjoy some quality time together, by exploring a nearby woodland or forest, or simply enjoying the countryside.

For Travel

If you’re planning a holiday at home or abroad, a lightweight waterproof shell is a great addition to the wardrobe. It’s easy to carry around and to pack, which is great news if you’re popping abroad for a weekend city break.

So whether you simply want to stay protected against the elements, or have a specific requirement for warm outdoor clothing, invest in a decent walking jacket or waterproof coat that will enable you to stay out whatever the weather may throw at you this winter.