We all love shopping and we all love Europe. But when the two of them come together, it’s absolute madness!

As you may be well-aware of, Europe is shelter to some of the world’s leading designer houses and mainstream clothes brands as well. Therefore, it’s almost impossible that you will not find at least one (or a dozen) things you’ll madly fall in love with.

While the entire surface of Europe is studded with fashionable hot-spots, certain places tend to be better at this than others. These cities don’t practice shopping just as a hobby – but as a way of living and breathing. If you are a true fashionista, you’ll love checking the following 4 cities out (and potentially coming back with a luggage full of new clothes).


#4 Brussels
This is the very heart of modern Europe – and a very important part in its culture, politics and ways of dealing with things. Geographically and historically, this place finds itself at the confluence of multiple cultures (which is basically one of the reasons it’s a must-see for any European traveller out there). Naturally, the shopping opportunities this place provides are amazing and you’ll definitely not want to miss out on them.


#3 Istanbul
Alright, Istanbul may not be fully European (as it stands with one foot on the Old Continent and with the other one in Asia), but its economy, history and culture are too tightly connected to Europe to simply draw a line between this city and the rest of the continent. What may surprise you is that Istanbul is host to Europe’s largest shopping mall – Cevahir. There are more than 340 stores and 3.4 million square feet covered by this mall. And if these two numbers don’t impress you, just imagine that you will have 12 cinemas, a roller coaster and a bowling alley (among other things) to entertain yourself with after a long day shopping for clothes.


#2 Milan
The beauty of this city is one of the main things that attract thousands and thousands of tourists every year. But aside from that, Milan is an amazing place for shopping too. You’re probably more than familiar with the fact that Italians have their own special relationship with fashion and this is one of those cities where you can really have your cake and eat it (or, rather said, have your Prada and wear it, considering the fact that this city is the very core of the aforementioned fashion giant).


#1 Paris
We must admit that the fight between Milan and Paris has been a rough one, but Paris won us over with one thing: Chanel. If there should be one lady only in the entire history of fashion that has truly revolutionized the way we dress ourselves today, then that should be Coco Chanel. As a consequence, Paris goes first on our top precisely because it’s home to one of the biggest fashion houses in the history of fashion itself. Aside from that, you’ll find hundreds of small boutiques, large shopping malls and many other stores where you can shop around in peace and serenity – because this is the ultimate temple of fashion at its highest point.