There are certain clothing items we just can’t make a do without when living in a four-seasoned place on Earth. The winter coat is definitely among them and since the cold weather’s knocking on our doors, we thought you might use some tips on how to buy a great coat. Read on and find them out!


Comfort First

Winter is not the season to tip-toe on high-heels, dressed in miniscule clothes and trade comfort over fashion. Winter is the time you’re allowed to snuggle under the blankets, fluff yourself up with huge scarves and be as comfy and cozy as possible. After all, the weather outside is uncomfortable enough and you really don’t want to add even more of that nasty feeling. Thus, choose a coat that is really comfortable and which will keep you warm. You don’t even have to ditch your fashion sense to do this, especially since there are hundreds of designs that look amazing and feel great too.

Don’t Rush

Buying a coat is not a first-seen-first-bought kind of thing. If you are like most people, you’ll probably be wearing this a lot, which basically means that you really need to invest in quality. Don’t rush over a smaller price and look out for the really qualitative coats out there. It will be worth, it trust us. Even more than that, don’t rush on buying the very first nice design you see. The next one may be better!

coat collar1

Your Body Type

All bodies are beautiful and that’s a fact. Round or not, short or tall, we are all beautiful in our own way and the good kind of clothing can make us look fabulous. Your body type should be one of the main determiners in getting a coat you know you’ll definitely wear and feel good in. For example, if your upper part is larger, you may want to stick to a V-neck design because this will emphasize your womanly curves in a beautiful way. Also, if you want to obtain that Beyonce-like hourglass figure, you should try to search for a coat that has a belt around the waist. And if you want to appear taller, make sure that the length of your coat will not go beyond one inch above the knee.

The Color and Design

If you want your coat to look good with almost everything you wear underneath, do try to avoid very complex designs and coats that are too colorful. Those are fun and great to wear, but they will not work on a daily basis. Therefore, go for a neutral color and for a design you can imagine looking good both with a dress and with a pair of jeans too.

Shop Off-Season

The key to finding perfect coats for winter is buying them when winter’s over and stores want to get rid of their winter collection – bear that in mind and you’ll be able to save a lot of money. If you go for a timeless and simple design, it’s more than likely that you’ll be able to wear it for many years to come regardless of how trends may change. This tip may come too late for you now if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, but it is still something worth knowing for the future!