I’m a summer girl through and through, and for me there’s nothing more exciting than the temperature getting a little warmer. For me, it signals beach time, holidays with friends and enjoying longer evenings. What’s not to love about a little summer? We’re in the middle of summer now, and while I’m a little late getting to my summer clothing wishlist, it’s better late than never right. Here are some fashion finds I’d love to get my hands on this summer.


Asos Kate Lace Maxi Dress £68

I have a handful of weddings to go to this summer and it can be a nightmare trying to find the right dress. You want something elegant, but not overpowering – after all the day is about the bride and her groom. I love this dress in the nude or dusty grey, both of these colours are subtle enough to suit any wedding. However, for those of you who want a little more punch, there’s also a navy blue version. For a discount on Asos shopping, check out these Fashion Voucher Codes.

image1xxl (1)

Missguided Satin Cactus Shorts £20

These are an absolute steal at only £20! They’re a fun, bold print which is so on point for this season. I just love the contrast between the white shorts and the colourful print. I would love to have these shorts because they’d give an outfit a little more pop.

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Asos Kimono Playsuit with Open Back £35

As if I need an excuse to add another playsuit to my collection. I love playsuits – they’re as much fun as a dress, but they’re so much more practical. Wanna kick a ball? No problem in a playsuit. This playsuit is a great buy as it’s something that can be easily dressed up or down. Change your shoes and jewelry and it will dramatically change the look.

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Mara Hoffman Rainbow Embroidered Dress £265

Got money to burn? Please buy me this lovely dress. I think it’s a perfect fusion of plain and colourful. It would love so lovely at the beach with a large sunhat. The price tag is a little steep, but it might just be worth the splurge. I imagine you’ll get a lot of wear out of it this summer.

This is my wishlist from Asos for this summer. Do you have any essentials that you’d just love to have? Share them in the comments below.