If you’re like me, you struggle to pack light. And when it comes to strict airline baggage restrictions, the struggle can get real. Whenever possible I like to just pack a carry-on, and while this doesn’t always happen, I always narrow my shoes down to the most important pairs.

Here are my go-to shoes for weekends away:



Flip-flops are perfect if I’m heading to a beach destination or planning to spend a lot of time by the pool. A good pair may take some time to break in, but if you choose correctly they’ll last for years. If you’re staying somewhere a little less clean, flip-flops are great for the showers. I try not to wear flip-flops if I’m doing a lot of walking though, since the lack of support can put pressure on my back.


For those who like to hit the gym, bring along a pair of sneakers. These are also a great choice if you’ll be doing a fair amount of walking or want to go for a run in the morning while learning your way around.


High Heels

Let’s face it- going on holiday is often an excuse to wear a nice pair of heels, especially if we end up at a fancy restaurant or hitting the clubs. This is not the time to bring a brand new pair though, so take a pair that you’ve worn at least a few times before to save yourself from blisters. Another good idea is to buy those sticky pads which go in the toes and on the heel and cushion your feet- allowing you to wear them without pain for longer. Take a pair of black heels to ensure they’ll go with most of your clothes, or if you already have your outfit planned, why not go a little crazy with something in a fun design or with a few sparkles?


For those who can’t hack the high heels, wedges are the next best thing. The good thing about wedges is that they can also be appropriate for during the day as long as they’re not too high and don’t look like they’d fit in at the nearest club. Choose cork wedges with cute detailing if you’ll be near the beach or take a pair in a fun colour for a comfortable pair of shoes which also look cute.



Sandals are perfect for those who don’t like flip-flops but also want to let their feet “breathe” in the heat. You can find some super cute sandals which can dress up any outfit or go for something a little more laid-back so you can dress your outfit down.


Sometimes you’ll be traveling in winter and want something comfortable, warm, but attractive. Rieker Boots are my favourite type of boots as they come in so many different styles, lengths and colours. You can also wear them on the plane so don’t need to worry about being overweight with your baggage.