Fashion is not just a bunch of men and women cat-walking so that we can envy them. In fact, fashion is an art and a great way to push your self-confidence further. It is a great way to express who you are, what you want and where you come from. And, even more than that, it is a great way to make a first impression – because, yes, first impressions do matter and their first stage is based on looks (as fortunate or unfortunate you may see this to be).

You don’t have to be a fashion-obsessed person to love to dress well and you don’t have to rob a bank or trick an old lady into giving away her house to be well-dressed. In fact, owning some basic clothing items should provide for a great start. The following things are the absolute key pieces you should make sure you have in your wardrobe – accessorize them well and they’ll work like magic!


The Basic Tees
T-shirts are great for many reasons. They are comfortable and they work with almost any kind of attire. They go perfectly with pants, with jeans, shorts and skirts. They go perfectly for business-like outfits and for casual outfits as well. They are a good choice for a first date and a great one for a job interview as well (under a tailored jacket, of course). Get a white one and a black one and you will have laid the grounds for a ton of outfits out there! Also, make sure to get them in a design that fits your body type as well, so that you can emphasize your qualities and look great in them.


The Perfect Pair of Jeans
Finding that perfect pair of jeans that will make you feel sexy and beautiful and that will work with almost any kind of top can be difficult. But the reward of your long search will be so much worth it! Focus on searching for a pair of jeans that flatters your body’s shape and comes in a simple color and design, so that you can mix it with multiple other clothing items.


The Tailored Jacket
This has been mentioned above and it is one of those basics that can save you in a lot of situations. You can wear it to work, you can wear it to the movies and you can wear it with so many tops and bottoms that your imagination is the only limit you have. Again, focus on a simple color and on a simple design and you’ll be able to rock it with many outfits!


The Little Black Dress
There’s nothing more versatile and feminine at the same time than the little black dress. This is the kind of dress that can work well for a day outfit and for an evening outfit as well. Accessorized properly, it can turn you into a diva or it can make you look cute and adorable for your first date. It can look professional and sexy and it can take in almost any clothing style you may like.