You’ve seen the super skinny, long legged, platinum blonde, pouting princesses parading up and down the catwalks of Milan and Paris – and you despise them.

How do they get to be so beautiful when you struggle to even avoid zits on the end of your nose?

The answer is hard work. These superstar models have a regimen stricter than a Full Metal Jacket-style military drill. Diets of health foods, intense workouts at the gym and more beautifying lotions and potions than a mediaeval apothecary – this is all just a standard day in the life of a catwalk strutter.

But how can you fit all that into your busy life? Well, follow a few of our tips and you’ll be able to ride the express lane to a fashionista’s paradise.


Cream out the fat

Few people really want to be a size zero model, but you don’t want to tip on the other side of the scale either. But sometimes those cream cakes and fat-ridden takeaways become too much for your hips.

The hips, however, can lie – it’s your double chin you should really be worried about.

There are a thousand-and-one articles on how to get rid of a double chin, but only a few sure-fire solutions. Try a cream that’ll make your skin firmer and smooth out that face fat. Combine this with a rigorous exercise regime and your accidental Bruce Forsyth impression will dissolve in no time.


Fighting fit

Are you confined to your couch after work every evening, devouring a Game of Thrones box set like your life depended on it? It sounds like a sort of bliss, but it won’t give you an ace figure.

It’s time to stand on your hind legs and get exercising. You don’t even have to be too rigorous to start with.

Try a few brisk 15 minute workouts to get your body limber – enough to work up a sweat, but not long enough to intimidate you. And if that still seems daunting, shove on a few of your favourite songs to battle your way through your chest crunches and press ups.

After a few weeks, you’ll feel compelled to add five minutes to your workout, and then five minutes more. Soon, you’ll have a full workout regime that you’ll be able to tackle without a second glance at your settee.


Beauty sleep

They don’t call it beauty sleep for nothing – scientists have proven that those with an effective sleeping pattern will look more attractive to prospective partners.

That dull groggy look stems from tiredness and dehydration. Sort your sleeping pattern out by getting between eight and 10 hours of rest a day. You’ll soon be fresh as a daisy, with the unmistakable buzz of glamour about you.