There are items that never go out of fashion and scarves are without any trace of doubt among them. Indeed, scarves can breathe life into the dullest of the outfits, they are practical and they are amazingly stylish as well. And even more than that, they allow us to be creative and to play around with our outfits. There are tens of ways in which you can wear this accessory, but we have brought together the top five ones. Read on and find them out!



If you want to achieve a very classy and timeless look (maybe for a more formal outfit), fold your scarf once so that it forms a triangle. Then, simply place it around your neck and unto your shoulders. This works with more luxurious scarves and it can complement a nice dress in a very beautiful way (for example, if it’s summer outside and you don’t want to wear a jacket on top of your formal or semi-formal dress).

The Bow

If you want a cute and playful look, take a thinner scarf and fold it on its diagonal line as many times as it is needed for you to obtain a long strip. Then, wrap it around your neck (right side, then the left side and then repeat until you are left with a small part of each of the sides). Use the remaining parts to tie a small bow-knot in front (or in the back if you are pulling your hair up and wearing a backless shirt or dress).



For a very casual attire (even jeans and T-shirt), take the scarf as it is (the fluffy, big ones work especially well) and wrap it around your neck in a loose way. You can leave the corners hanging or you can tuck them underneath the “wrap”. This will look very similar with a collar-scarf and it works with knitted scarves in the winter as well.

On Your Head

Your neck is not the only part of your body that can be accessorized by a scarf. For a hippie and/or boho-chic look, wrap the scarf around your head. You can form a thicker strip and then wrap it around your head (Axl Rose style) or you can wrap it as a turban if you want a more edgy look. Both the hippie and the turban styles work especially well with big earrings, as they create a very special retro look that is well-appreciated these days (especially in the summers).


On Your Body

If you are going to the beach and you don’t necessarily want to stay in your bikini only, you can use a larger scarf to add some style to your swimsuit. You can fold it in a triangle and tie that around your waist, for example. Or you can let it unfolded and wrap it just above your breasts. Another way to wear a scarf to the beach is to make a triangle out of it and tie that around your upper body so that it forms something similar to a backless top.