Every fashion-conscious person out there wants to be up to date with every single fashion trend that comes into the big stores (or goes out of them, actually). Of course, fashion is not all about trends and trendsetters and nobody should be pushed into wearing things just because they were presented on a runaway show that is located thousands of miles away from them. However, trends are inspiring and they always push “fashion addicts” into being creative when it comes to their outfits.

2014 has come and it is almost gone, but the trends presented this summer and the ones that are just entering the scene for the winter seem to be here to stay. Which are the best ones though? Read on and find them out!


The 60s

This is a decade that has influenced mankind so much that it was impossible to be absent from the fashion industry every now and again. The 60s are a recurrent theme on the world’s runaways and they are here for the 2014 fall as well. Geometric, straight, short dresses are among the most commonly encountered items on all fashion shows for this season, so make sure to grab one and to accessorize it accordingly because the 60s look is back!

Norse Fashion

There’s nothing more winter-like than Norse-inspired outfits and motifs. Sheepskin coats, geometrical motifs typical of the Norse fashion and big sweaters are poignantly present on the runaways, so do make sure that you don’t miss out on them. They will make you look fashionable and cozy at the same time – which, as we all know it, is the very best combination possible!


Oversized Turtlenecks

We’re not all made to look stunning in normal-sized neck-tight turtlenecks. But the oversized ones presented on the fall-winter shows this year are something that can hold you warm for the winter days AND make you look stylish as well. Get them in whatever color you want because they are absolutely gorgeous!

Comfy Shoes

As you have seen so far, this winter’s all about comfort and shoes make no exception. Designers loved sneakers for this year’s shows and we love it that they did so. You can finally place your high-heeled shoes in a nice and cozy place because sneakers are here and they come in fun colors and designs. It would be a real pity not to give your feet a break from discomfort and these shoes are the perfect way to do it!


Knitted Pants

Knits are always coming back for the winter, but this time it’s not just your upper half that they will cover up. The biggest designer houses in the world have thought of an ingenious trick to keep our legs cozy and warm and make them look stylish as well: knitted pants. Tight or not-so-tight, these pants will definitely be among the must-haves for the season – grab some before they’re over because it’s quite likely that everyone out there will love the idea of having a pair of these!