Baju Kebaya is notably well-known in the 1960s within the Malay communities. The Baju Kebaya is often custom-made based on the vital statistics of the wearer. It is usually paired with kain, batik or songket. In the past, it was a bit tighter and shorter but now, Baju Kebaya is more comfortable and may not stick with the figure of the person wearing it. Expert tailors of Baju Kebaya Alteration can alter and repair any style of Kebaya.

They tailor Baju Kebaya for any client who is looking for a sophisticated Kebaya for any event or regular way. There are many speculations to the beginning of Kebaya as some people claimed it started in the Middle East, while others believed it was adapted from China. Kaba is referred to as “clothing” in Arabic and was introduced in the Portuguese language. It is a garment with origins that resembles a blouse. In the 15th and 16th centuries, the first people to wear the Kebaya were Indonesians. In the 16th century, they were called kebaya Panjang6 and the clothes were long, well-fitted and wide. It was the Portuguese women that came on the west and south coast of Malaysia, across Malacca Straits.

Most sources claim that the Chinese swayed the fashion at that time, and one information likens the Kebaya to a coat from the Ming Dynasty. Those jackets were long sleeves and wide open at the center. This attire was accredited to two important occasions during the period when Europeans and Islam came.


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Why Us?

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The wide range of specialized services such as making tailored Baju Kurung, Baju Kebaya, alterations and repair services for men and women as well as added services like calling the shop for appointment services, alteration services, and repair services. At Baju Kebaya Alteration, they’re proud of the workmanship and high-quality of their professional dressmakers at fair pricing.

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