Model, philanthropist, and now actress Melissa Bolona is making her mark in Hollywood in several feature films this year. While Bolona was first recognized as a model, the starlet had known that she wanted to be an actress since she was a child, according to an interview that she gave to Bella Magazine in Los Angeles.

Bolona spent her youth in New Jersey and Lima, Peru. The actress spent part of her college education at the American Business School in Paris, France and ultimately graduated from Pace University with a Degree in International marketing- all while also taking acting classes in preparation to pursue her childhood dream. Bolona currently lives in the U.S. where she splits her time between her homes in New York and Los Angeles.


Melissa Bolona formally began her acting career in 2015, but has since scored various major and minor roles. Bolona’s work ethic and dedication are gaining notice as the actress continues to her develop her career. In an interview, Bolona expressed her admiration for fellow actress Jessica Alba, referring to Alba’s success as an actress, business woman, and mother as the trifecta.

Early Melissa Bolona films include The Saint, Grace of God, and The Stereo– where the actress first debuted on the big screen. Since her debut, Bolona has taken on many major and minor roles in a variety of films including Dog Eat Dog, where she plays a supporting role opposite Nicolas Cage. Curious readers can check out Melissa Bolona IMDB for a complete list of movies featuring her. Upcoming Melissa Bolona films include the supernatural horror film Malicious, where Bolona has a starring role as Becky,and the action thriller Category 5, which are both due to hit the theatres in 2017.


Given Bolona’s current pace, the model turned actress is sure to become a familiar face onscreen- as well as an inspiration for future actresses.