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Top Gadgets for Disability Travel

Whether you’re travelling the world or simply your local neighbourhood, there are a number of excellent gadgets that make it a lot easier and more fun for those with disabilities to get around. Technology is constantly advancing and there are now countless different gadgets available that ameliorate travel for wheelchair users or those with other

Fun things to do while you’re Travelling

While travelling is a life-changing experience for most people, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. You’ll find that even the most incredible trip, while full of adventure will also include periods of boredom, when you’re stuck on a bus, on a train or in an airport and you need something fun to do. Here are

All You Need To Know About Insuring Your Home

Property rates in the UAE have always been high, given the quality of its infrastructure and the standard of living it affords to its residents. Investing in a home in the UAE is an expensive affair, making it one of the most valuable assets you own. Further, setting up your home also calls for substantial