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Faith-Based Healing from Drug Abuse

People often believe that Christians should be above the sin of drug addiction. However, Christians are like everyone else in that they sometimes succumb to the temptation to use drugs and alcohol, particularly if there are circumstances in their lives that inflict physical, emotional, and mental distress. Addicts who believe deeply and want to get

Locating Services to Start You on the Path to Recovery

When you want the best chances of recovering from drug addiction, it is crucial that you find a rehabilitation center that matches your exact needs and budget. Rather than sit down with the phone book and try to find facilities in your area or use other possibly outdated resources, you can get the most updated

The Best Places to Visit in France

France is a place that you can visit over and over, discovering all sorts of new places, having new experiences and being constantly changed by the people, food, and atmosphere. Obviously you want to see the main destinations like Bordeaux and Paris, but there are plenty of other towns that see fewer visitors and have