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Design inspiration for sunrooms

A sunroom can be enjoyed all year round if it is well designed. Welcoming natural light inside is the most important feature of a successful sunroom, and this free resource should be maximized at every turn. Read on for advice on turning a sunroom into an inspirational space that enriches and enhances the home. Light

7 European Cities Where It’s Still Cheap to Travel Long Term

Europe may not be the first continent that comes to mind if you’re seeking travel bargains. Many European cities, in fact, are notoriously expensive. Fortunately, there are notable exceptions to this tendency. The following seven cities, all in Europe, are ideal for bargain seekers who want to travel long term. 1. Budapest, Hungary Budapest is

How can you bring light into the living room?

Whether it’s bright and fresh on a spring morning or warm and glowing on a fall evening, few things make your living room feel more welcoming than the right kind of light. There are all sorts of decorating tricks you can use to make your home look luminous, even if you are on a tight

The latest technology revolutionizing US manufacturing

If you have an interest in manufacturing, you may have noticed that the manufacturing industry is being increasingly driven by the availability of new technologies. Such technologies as robotics, lasers, computerized processes and 3D printing are having a transformative effect on manufacturing processes. Robotics The modern industrial robot represents a feat of engineering. These robots