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10 cool things you’ll learn in an offshore survival course

It will come as no surprise to learn that an offshore survival course can teach you some pretty cool things. While most students have their heads stuck in textbooks, learning endless dates, equations, and statistics, an offshore survival course can offer something different, unique and thoroughly practical. Here, we check out ten of the coolest

Rx For Achieving A Rock Solid Relationship By Dr. Robi Ludwig

I came across an interesting blog article last week. The topic was about marriage. I know, it’s a topic that’s been written about extensively, so, what made this article that different from the many out there? Besides having a clever hook, the recommendation for a happy relationship was remarkably simple. What was the advice? “Choose

See Dublin like a local

When my Irish friend invited me to go see her in Dublin recently for a long a weekend, I jumped at the chance to see this wonderful city through a local’s eye. I was lucky enough to pick up some cheap flights on Flybe last minute and before I knew it I was sitting down

Vistas and volcanoes: The natural marvels of Tenerife

If you had to design a postcard depicting Tenerife’s natural beauty, it would be hard to pick just one snapshot. There is the peak of Mount Teide, of course. But there is also the jagged tip of Masca to the northwest, which is arguably more dramatic. There are rugged cliff-sides fringed by swaying palm trees,