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How to explore Southeast Asia with a backpack?

Backpacking literally means travelling with only a backpack, this kind of travel has its roots dating back to 1960’s, where hippies from the USA and Europe swept through India and Southeast Asia in search of a carefree life on a sandy beach under the sun. Once the initial mass craze died down, it was the

3 Benefits of Smart TVs

For anyone who knows even the slightest bit about technology, the advances we’ve made in the past few years (and decades) are torn out of a science-fiction movie. We’ve come so far that the possibility of communicating and entertaining ourselves through holograms on a daily basis is not a science-fiction scenario any longer – and

Five Tips for Finding a Great Deal on a New Phone

These days there are very few people who don’t have a phone in their grasp, and more often than not it’s the up to date, top of the range phones that everyone wants. As soon as one new model comes out and everyone snaps it up, another one comes along and you want that one

Tips for Buying a Great Coat

There are certain clothing items we just can’t make a do without when living in a four-seasoned place on Earth. The winter coat is definitely among them and since the cold weather’s knocking on our doors, we thought you might use some tips on how to buy a great coat. Read on and find them