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Best Things to Do in Las Vegas

Picking a vacation spot requires plenty of factors to consider, including whether you’ve visited before and whether it has the right attractions to keep everyone in your group satisfied. Your choice should also be a place that’s enjoyable for any occasion, whether it’s the holidays, a birthday, or even a bachelor party. That’s where Las

5 Types of Family Holidays You’ll Want to Try

With summer just around the corner, every spare minute of mine is spent dreaming of how I’ll spend this year’s vacation. For me there’s nothing better than spending days on end with my loved ones, taking cute family photos, reading books in the bright sunshine and the best part: not having to go to work

The Easiest Way To Get a Tan- Right Through Your Swimsuit

One of the easiest ways to really amplify your natural beauty is by getting a nice, natural glow. But tanning is actually a lot harder than people think. Between sticky and streaky tanning lotions and sprays, expensive tan lines, and unavoidable tan lines it can seem nearly impossible to achieve an all-over, natural tan. That

Top places to visit in Europe in 2019

Planning a trip to Europe next year? There are so many incredible countries to visit that narrowing them all down can be quite the challenge. Makarska Located in Croatia, Makarska is nowhere near as well known as travel hotspots like Dubrovnik and Zagreb. You’ll find this destination south of Split, and it’s known for its