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Hoping to set up your own website? It’s easier than you think!

These days, if you’re considering starting a business (or many other endeavors), a website is a must. But when you’re bootstrapping, the idea of paying someone else thousands of dollars to develop a website may just be out of reach. Luckily, it’s easier than ever to set up your own website these days. In this

Understanding the difference between a road car and racing car

If you’ve been watching the British Touring Car Championship (BTCC) this year you will have witnessed high speed thrills on the track as some of the top professional racing companies battle it out to secure the title. We’re now over the halfway point so there’s still plenty of action to come before the championship is

Quirky Gifts for the Gadget Lover

Is your partner a fan of anything tech? Then you’re going to want to find them a gift that appeals to their nerdy side. When I say tech gifts you might instantly think of something that’s expensive and a big financial commitment, but there are a few tech options that are affordable. Here are some

Tips for Finding an Expert Online

It can be hard to filter through things on the Internet – after all, there is just so much information it can become overwhelming. I feel like on the Internet you can prove and disprove anything, because there’s literally both sides to everything online. That can make it harder when you’re looking for a high