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Making a Facebook advert: what’s the process for a small business?

You have probably read the news articles about Facebook advertising, and the potential it clearly offers for brands and marketers to enhance their digital marketing efforts. But while this is all very well for large corporations with huge marketing budgets and an appeal which stretches all around the world, the process for a small business

What do you know about spam filters?

Email marketing can be tough, and there’s no doubt that spam filters can make it even tougher. I was recently reading a great blog post on the My Emma site that covers spam filters extensively. The post is titled “Everything you need to know about spam filters,” and it really is a great look at

Precautions To Take When Your Teenager Starts Driving

Your teenager just received his license and he’s thrilled. You, on the other hand, will likely be worrying about a million different things. He will be on his own so will he pay full attention or will he text? Will a careless driver rear-end or suddenly cut him off? Will he drive in dangerous weather

How to Protect Yourself and Your Business From Ransomware

To keep your finances and your family’s sensitive information safe, it’s important to keep hackers at bay. If you’re self-employed and have money, time and energy invested into a business, it’s vital that you take steps to protect your work, too. These days, this means you have to be on alert against ransomware. This particularly