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Are you seriously unorganised? You may need to blame your star sign.

Many people believe that their star sign influences their love lives, their financial success, their career, and other relationships. But did you know that your levels of tidiness could also be written in the stars? Furniture at Work™ has released an awesome infographic that explains exactly why some people are effortlessly organised, while others feel

5 Tricks for Building the Best Play Tent Ever

Kids love to play in tents. It gets their creativity going, whether they are playing house or pretending to be camping in the woods. You can help inspire your children and make play time more fun by building a multipurpose play tent. Here are some tips and tricks to get you started. Choose the Best

Rejuvenate Your Bathroom with These DIY Tips

When it comes to home improvements, home owners will often first think of what they can do to transform their living area, dining room and perhaps the kitchen. The importance of the bathroom should not be overlooked, as this is a hugely important space and one which can either improve or bring down the tone

Fun Ways to Decorate with Plastic

Plastic has ditched its reputation for being cheap, and is now known as a fun and exciting way to decorate a home, especially if you have a less traditional style. Decorating with plastic is a great idea if you have small children, since they’ll be less likely to hurt themselves or break anything important, and